A very Potter Getaway to London

The stories about Harry Potter written by Joanne K. Rowling accompanied my whole childhood. I loved reading the books and watching the movies and I have never stopped liking them. I am a proud Potterhead! So when I heard that there will be a sequel of the seven Harry Potter books as a theatre play in London, I was head over heals to see it!

Oxford Street

More than a year after buying the tickets for the play we finally travelled to London in December! Since it was shortly after Christmas all the Christmas lights were still up and made the stay even more magical!

Covent Garden

The play “Harry Potter and the cursed child” is a play presented in two parts at the Palace Theatre ( either the same day (matinee and evening) or on two evenings. The theatre is located in Soho, which is the entertainment quarter of London with numerous restaurants, theatres, pubs or shops. So you can imagine how the streets are filled with people from all around the world!

Harry Potter Play

The play is about two hours long (with a 15 minutes break) and since I don’t want to tell any spoilers I won’t tell anything about the storyline. Just let me say this! The play is full of magic, love, struggles, fighting, clues, mystery and fun! Everything a Potterhead will love! For me it was hands down the best theatre play I have ever experienced! The production, the stage and the actors made the play to an actual magical experience for everyone! If you are lucky you can even meet the actors at the stage entrance after the play to get autographs or take pictures with them!

However, our Harry Potter trip did not end with the play. Since being in London we also decided to attend the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour London ( The Studio Tour is 32 kilometers northwestern of London, but easily reachable by public transport (train and shuttle). The Studios show numerous breathtaking detailed artifacts, sets and props used for the eight Harry Potter movies.

Through the famous door to the “Great Hall” the tour leads the visitors firstly to the original set of the Great Hall. Further on in the tour the visitor can also see Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore’s office, Hagrid’s hut, the portions classroom, and the house of the Weasleys, Hogwarts Express and Diagon Alley. Furthermore the visitor can visit the Knight Bus, Privet Drive or the Hogwarts Bridge. Everything as it was in the movies just in front of you. So magical for every Harry Potter fan! Furthermore, you can also see smaller, handcrafted items like wands, brooms, creatures and portions… Everything you can image! Everything you have seen in the movies!

Hogwarts Door

The Great Hall

Dumbledore's Office

portions class

Umbridge's office

small artefacts

Diagon Alley1

Diagon Alley2

platform 9 3-4

What impressed us the most was the enormous scale model of the castle of Hogwarts. So many details could be seen on that model! So impressive and beautiful! So if you are a Potterhead and want to see the original used artifacts of the movies you definitely enjoy the Warner Bros Studio Tour very much! We did! And we would go there again, because there is so much to see!

Hogwarts Castle

If you are interested to see the original film locations and inspirations in London I would suggest to book one of the numerous guided tours.

For example provided by britmovietours ( or London walks (

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