Malta – An amazing island

My trip to Malta was in the perfect time of the year. In Germany, it was rainy, grey and cold. My flight was very early in the morning, so I saw the sunrise out of the plane and had a wonderful sunny weekend with lovely 20 degrees. Amazing!

The family of my auntie lives in Malta, what a pleasure. I could stay at their house for my short trip, my flight was about 44€. All in all, it was a very cheap story. Perfect for a travel junkie like me.

I’ve been to Malta for a thousand times. But this time I wanted to see the island from another point of view. I just wanted to walk or drive around and stop where it is beautiful. So I did. And it was amazing. Malta is a wonderful and lovely island. The cliffs are stunning and breathtaking. I mean, I am addicted to be on top of something and get the feeling of being free. So in Malta, you can find many of those spots. I love that!

On my first day, I visited Mdina. A very old traditional city near Rabat. This city is so lovely! The old buildings… I couldn’t get enough of it! This is so beautiful! I met my auntie and my cousin at Fontanella’s in Mdina to have some really (I mean REALLY!) great cakes and coffee. That was like heaven! And the view! We could see half of the island and on the horizon, there was the sea. You are sitting at the old city wall. So lovely. In the evening, we had a sports session and a nice walk with the dogs. My uncle was cooking. YUMMY! We had such a relaxed evening. I had so much time to talk to my Aunt. I really missed her!

The next day started with… of course sport. I was jogged down to Salmon Bay. It is a very hidden and secret beach in Mellieha, where my aunts’ family lives. The walk down was ok. The way back was so hard! I was done! I went home, had a shower and got an amazing breakfast with a great view. From the kitchen, you can see the sea. They are used to it, but I always selected my chair on the table to get this view. After that my aunt, a German friend of her, who is living in Malta as well, and I went to Dingli Cliffs. That was a really nice walk. We had the dog with us. We all enjoyed this so much. We three girls had enough time to talk our girly stuff. And the view from the cliffs is insane! That evening we had a little cultural program. We booked a box in the Manual Theatre in Valetta to see Carmen as a flamenco, what was so impressive! They danced like gods and goddesses. Amazing! And the theatre on its own! It is so cute! It felt like we are in the 18th century! We had dinner at ‘la mere’ which is an Indian restaurant. The food was so delicious! I couldn’t eat anything but I had to try the Banoffee Pie. It is a dessert, what you can find all over Malta. THIS was like heaven. I have no words for it. I just wanted to lie in it and eat around me. 😀 Finally, my auntie and I went to a bar, called City Lounge in the old Theatre Street. It was such a lovely evening. We both again had so much time for us. We lost sight of each other in the last view years, what is so sad. But in the last view month, we find each other again and have some really nice conversations. We both love all the cultural things like the opera or stuff like that. And now we can do this together, what makes me so happy!

On Sunday, we did a family trip, what is very typical for Malta. The problem is, that the streets are so damn full! Everybody is on the road. But it was fun anyway! We went to Imtahleb what is a breathtaking spot at the cliffs near Rabat. We did some great pictures and I had so much fun climbing on the rocks and cliffs with my cousin! On our way back we had a typical Maltese snack called Imqaret which is pasty with kind of a fig filling. Very tasty! We visited the parents of my uncle. Those two are so lovely. I like them so much! They are the owners of a diving school called MALTAQUA, which is located in St. Pauls Bay. This time I didn’t do the scuba diving but I did it the last time I visited Malta. This is an experience you all should do! Trust me! This is amazing!

The last evening, I spent with my auntie. We walked a path near the Red Tower in Mellieha. We saw the sundown over there. That was amazing! I was sitting on a big rock which was sticking out into the sea and just watched the sundown. I always feel free and can feel myself, when you can’t see anything but the sea, the horizon and the sun. Absolutely breathtaking!

I love this country so much. I mean, of course, I love it because my auntie lives there. But also, there are so many beautiful places you do not have to spend one single cent. All the amazing and breathtaking views over the sea! All the old, traditional and historic buildings and houses. The small streets, especially in Rabat! It is insane! They are so small that it’s even hard to pass it with a normal car. In spring, it is so beautiful! Everything is green! The sun is already burning and it is about 20 to 25 degrees. In summer for me, it is too hot with about 40 degrees. But it’s also really nice to have a summer holiday at the beach.

I fall in love with Malta every single time I am there. You should visit and you will know what I mean. If you need more advice, don’t hesitate to ask me! That was just a short trip to visit my aunties family! I’ve been to Malta a thousand times. There are so much more things to do and see!

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