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Hey there! This time, the destination will be a beautiful country in South America: Argentina. It has a huge variety of places to visit, all different but amazing. A good place to start, Iguazu falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Puerto Iguazú is located in the north eastern region of Argentina, in a province called Misiones. To get there, It is necessary to take a plane to Buenos Aires city and then fly to Iguazú. It is also possible to get by bus from the same city, but I hope you can handle 20 hours!

Puerto Iguazú is the argentinian city that holds one side of the falls, since they are shared with Brazil, and its city Foz do Iguaçu. It is possible and recommended to visit the Brazilian part, since it shows the best view of the argentinian falls. This city is also known for being part of the “three borders” since it is only (and literally) a river away from Paraguay and Brazil. So there are many tours that take you to both Brazil and Paraguay.

Despite everything you may think or see, it is said that Puerto Iguazú is pretty safe, since it’s a small, touristic region, it is always lighted and full of bars, restaurants music and people. So try to chill out!

Some things you may know:

Car rental is not the best idea! It’s pretty expensive and there are not many parking places, besides, it is easy to get lost. The best idea is taking the bus to go to the Iguazú National Park (Where you can find the waterfalls) and to the other attractions you want to visit. It is much cheaper!

If you are interested on going to Paraguay or Brazil, the best idea is to contract a touristic company. There aren’t much, so is not hard to choose, and they take a full day or half day activity with transport, which also facilities the border crossing.

Always have cash with you! In the Iguazú National Park they don’t accept credit cards. Only argentinian Pesos (national coin) as well as many street sellers in the city. Even though the stores inside the park do accept credit cards, the only way to enter is with cash. So make sure you have more than enough “pesos” before you go, so you can avoid the line in the cashier!

Iguazú has other activities to do besides the National Park:

It is a historical place from the colony times, so you can visit some of the ruins from those ages, where the Jesuits stayed during their mission. Thing to know: Iguazú was the location where the film “The Mission” was made! So don’t forget to visit San Ignacio Ruins for a history lesson!

It is also famous for its precious stones and gems, so it’s highly recommended to visit Wanda Mines, the most important mine of the region. It’s open to the public, with tours both in English and Spanish, and a short visit to its gift shop, full of wonderful statues and jewels made of precious stones.

Don’t forget it is the homeland of the Guaraní’s, so you may see many activities and tours related to its culture. There are ecologic centers like “the Aripuca” or “Guirá Oga” where you can learn more about their culture and the animals that live there. You can also buy hand-made goods from the Guaraní’s, which is one of their ways of living. Besides, they are all pretty cute and cheap.

Next time I’ll tell you all about the Iguazú National Park, so I hope you like it for now!

This is about Iguazú Falls. Read here for more about Iguazú Park.

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