I left my heart in San Francisco

San Francisco is different to all other cities in the USA. It is magical. You will understand it when you get there. My trip was for 4 days and I traveled on my own. I met a young guy after 2 days and he showed me his hometown beside all these tourist traps.

My favorite place by far is behind the ferry building to get away from it all. I stayed there for one hour every day just sitting there and watching the ocean with an incredible view of Bay Bridge. It is almost spiritual.

The city is very walkable. A nice word I learned from my friend and it is very true.

I walked through Financial District, went shopping at Union Square, of course. I visited the amazing city hall, walked through Mission District and saw the Painted Ladies. By the way, the best place for breakfast is Plow in 18th St.

But the breathtaking moments happened at other places you will not find without a local to guide you. He took me to a little cute Italian restaurant, very nondescript but with an amazing view. After that we just drove around. We stopped at some crossings just to enjoy the view. It was amazing. Just standing on the street and watching the city. We went to Twin Peaks at night. Believe me. Don’t visit it during day! It is absolutely insane. I think it was 3 am but we couldn’t get enough of those special moments. We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped directly under a pier. There were no cars around us. That feeling was amazing. After that we went to the beach. There were some bonfires, the waves were high and that sound… It was stunning. I met him because I wrote him on Instagram. I wanted to see the sunrise at Golden Gate Bridge and didn’t know where it’s the best. I saw a picture on his profile with the sunrise and texted him. He immediately answered and we made an appointment for the next morning. We got a coffee from Peet’s and started to Battery Spencer, Sausalito. I absolutely have no words for this experience. The sunrise was unbelievable. For a good photo make sure that the weather is good and you have enough time before sunrise to get there and to enjoy it in its whole beauty.

After that we went to another insider tip. It was a little park at 300 Roosevelt Way. It kind of looked like a moonscape but the view was incredible. My tip: do not just stand there, like everybody else. Climb on the rocks and enjoy! Beside the sunrise that was my favorite moment. It was all about feeling free and finding myself.

In San Francisco, it’s all about the views. Go anywhere, no matter where. It just has to be higher than the city and enjoy. You will never get enough of those views! Choose spots beside all the tourist places and you will get breathtaking moments and you also will leave your heart in San Francisco.

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