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As I prepare to embark on a four-month journey traveling Europe and studying in Florence, Italy, I found it appropriate to begin my blog with a post about my beloved city – Charleston, South Carolina.

Sunset at the Battery

Charleston has always been an extraordinarily special place to me. Although I didn’t grow up here, I consider it my home. I have always had family living in the city and I came to visit every chance I could get. The older I became, the more I grew to love Charleston – I knew it was where I belong. When it came time to apply for college, I applied to the College of Charleston without hesitation. This ended up being my only college application (yes, everyone has told me that was risky), but I truly couldn’t think of another place I wanted to live or go to school. I moved to Charleston less than a week after graduating high school; I was really ready to be here. 

College of Charleston campus

Living in Charleston has taught me much more than I ever imagined and has provided me with endless opportunities. I’ve met so many wonderful friends and a great boyfriend, gotten awesome jobs and research positions, began yoga, and discovered an absolutely perfect college major. Since Charleston is the #1 tourist destination and there is nothing I love more than traveling, I decided to major in Hospitality and Tourism Management – which is a great way to ensure I can work in a stable and quickly growing industry, while being able to travel and live in some of the best cities in the world. Both the college and my department have provided me with numerous study abroad opportunities. After all, CofC ranked #4 in the U.S. for college study abroad programs! I have already participated in two spring break study abroad programs to Berlin and Dubai, and now I will be in Florence, Italy for the semester.

Preparing to leave Charleston is becoming harder and harder as the time quickly approaches. January 22nd seemed to be just another date for so long. Now it is becoming real as I have only a week left in my beloved city. I have been making the most of my last couple weeks here. I have spent quality time with family and friends, gone to the beach, and even tried something new – sailing.

Sailing on the harbor

If you have not yet visited Charleston, I highly recommend it. Taking a trip to Charleston is one that you will remember forever and it will leave you wanting to come back. There is so much to offer, from beaches to shopping and dining to beautiful scenery. Our city is full of history and learning. You can take horse-drawn carriage tours, visit the old market, take a boat to Fort Sumter, take ghost tours, and see numerous historic plantations. Everyone in Charleston is extremely hospitable, and we’d be glad to have you here. 

As I sit on my porch in warm weather with a stunning view of the sunset over the marsh – I am eager for my upcoming journey, for both the ups and the downs. I expect to encounter some of the best moments of my entire life, as well as some of the most difficult struggles. I am excited to see what the next four months bring me. I will miss you dearly, Charleston, but I will return home soon.

Sunset at the Battery


Marina in downtown Charleston

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